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My Updated 2015 Watch List

After scanning over 200 penny stocks this weekend, here are the ones that stand out to me:

TXMD (Curr. Price: $4.26) – Had a nice run up to 4.74 on 12/19/14, in consolidation right now, could have a 5.50-6.00 look if 4.75 resistance is convincingly breached.

LTS (Curr. Price: $3.88) – 5-yr chart shows nice solid uptrend, consolidating right now in the low-to-mid 4’s, will be one to watch on a break above 4.50.

NG (Curr. Price: $3.53) – Nice bull pennant shaping up right now, upside breakout sends this one easily to 4.00.

NRO (Curr. Price: $5.41) – Currently revisiting a high that hasn’t been seen since May of 2013, sold uptrend on 5-year chart, if $5.65 gets cracked, it may be off to the races.

AMPE (Curr. Price: $3.67) – BEAUTIFUL accumulation on 1-yr chart. This one’s got mad potential on a break above the 3.90/4.00 resistance area. If that happens w/ conviction, I easily see 5.00 in its future.

CTIC (Curr. Price: $2.36) – Been watching this one for a while now. Nice accumulation since sharp selloff on 11/7/14. A 2.51 break sends this one higher.

HTCH (Curr. Price: $3.70) – Just perked, been on my radar for a while, may have 4.50 in future if 3.95 hurdle can be cleared.

STRM (Curr. Price: $4.19) – Good accumulation since October of last year, a break of 4.40 easily gives this one a 5.00 look.

MNKD (Curr. Price: $5.76) – Nice elongated triangle on 6-month chart, could see 7.00 on a breakout above current consolidation right below 6.00 level.

NWBO (Curr. Price: $5.85) – I could say the exact same thing about NWBO as with MNKD. Same formation, very nice bullish triangle, has very good potential on a 6.00 break. I see 7.00 and possibly more for this one if it can punch through 6.00 with conviction.

SSRI (Curr. Price: $5.77) – Safe to say that the bottom is in since the $3.92 low on 11/5/14, nice triangle formation shaping up w/ higher lows & lower highs, not quite ripe, will need a little more consolidation, but has a 7.00 look on a breakout above 6.10 area.

VVUS (Curr. Price: $3.21) – Pharmas in general are having a good run right now, and I think this one may have a surprise in store. Good accumulation, especially since mid-October 2014, closed above 50-day SMA two sessions in a row. 3.14 is obvious short-term resistance, looks to be challenged this coming week, has a 3.50 look (at least) on a break.

CPRX (Curr. Price: $2.98) – Hasn’t closed above 3.00 since 11/3/14, been buzzing around that area ever since, 3.00 was breached again from Fri. but closed just beneath. This two-month buildup may spell a serious pop if it can punch through that 3.00 level with conviction. All it needs is a catalyst…no pun intended.

GLUU (Curr. Price: $3.78) – The 4.20-ish area has proved to be a sticking point for this one (no pun intended again). If that can be breached with conviction, it may run. I’m not too convinced on this one right now, though, just keeping it under watch.

SGYP (Curr. Price: $3.12) – Another pharma with serious potential. Very nice elongated bullish triangle, 3 months strong now. Looks set to visit 4.00 area, maybe more, on a 3.42 break.

MWW (Curr. Price: $4.75) – Shaping up for what looks like a 5.00 break, if so, it will be one to watch.

That’s it for now…talk amongst yourselves.