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My Watch List for 2/27/14

Trading with only $500 means that you can’t just hop into every stock you feel like being in. I am waiting for my FNMA trade to settle, which should happen by Friday. This means more than likely that I will not be placing another trade until Monday.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some research using TDAmeritrade’s Stock Screener feature. Here are the stocks I’m watching at the moment, with brief comments:

* GSS: Breach of 0.85 makes for some good cookin’.

* CO: Real fireworks will start above 4.60

* OPXA: Off to the races on break over 2, if that happens look for resistance @ 2.50

* UEC: Steady accumulating, no close over 2.00 in 4.5 months, break over 2 may be golden

* ONCY: Break over 2 is solid gold; accumulating under 2 since Dec last year

* FREE: Great accumulation, break over 2 is bananas

* URZ: Just hit 2-year high TODAY (2/26/14). Expect to go higher

* GRO: Anything over 1.77 is a screaming buy, volatile accumulation in range for 4 months

* STRI: VERY tight accumulation over the past month, lows constantly at 1.50 or a few cents
lower, almost seems manipulated, quiet volume and very tight price action, coiled spring
right now, look for fireworks above 1.60

* GMO: Steady accumulating; mining stock; won’t really blast off till 1.50 is breached

* PLM: Screaming buy over 1.28

That’s all for now. I will keep monitoring these stocks closely for the rest of the week, and will respond accordingly next week if anything breaks out.

By the way, VGZ closed at 0.67 today, leaving me with an open loss of $8.12.